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  • Line please …

    A delightful little movie blooper reel out of the 1936 movie archives. Nothing much changes … not even the way actors react to a lines breakdown. Enjoy!

  • Project 365:09 and Post #109:09

    An image a day is the goal. I didn’t make it as planned, but here are some of the best most evocative memory captures for 2009 in this, the 109th and ultimate blog post of the year for Groundling. See you on the other side!

  • Theatre and Technology: synergy in performance

    I stumbled across this one today – one from the TED Talks series and recorded this year. It’s Natasha Tsakos talking briefly about the relationship between theatre and technology, and performing excerpts from her solo multimedia show ‘Upwake.’ Enjoy; it’s terrific and inspiring.

  • SAG Elephant

    Given the conflicting points of view on the YouTube commentary on this video, I’m interested to hear the reaction from ‘middle-class’ actors in the US on the implications of the AFTRA ‘deal’ struck with the film industry. As an Australian-based actor I can’t but feel that these issues will arrive onshore pretty darn quickly down…

  • Ben Kingsley: ‘We do our best work when we are happy.’

    I couldn’t resist posting Charlie Rose’s recent conversation with Ben Kingsley … for a couple of reasons. Firstly Sir Ben talks about the nuts and bolts differerences between stage and screen acting … something we all like to sift through. But in the second part of the conversation, he opens up in quite an extraordinary…

  • Listening to books: Alan Bennett at the BBC

    Listening to books: Alan Bennett at the BBC

    I can thoroughly recommend Alan Bennett at the BBC which is currently available from Audible.com or the iTunes store. I’ve just finished listening to the inimitable Mr Bennett reading what is a miscellany of his work from the past 30 or so years, and all via the BBC. By the way I very much also…