Back from a big dark room

That’s where I’ve been for a week or more … in the theatre sitting out front at the director’s desk. The Groundling apologises to readers for the long time between drinks; theatre has a habit of taking over your life when you’re in a production. Thus, an excuse for neglecting my scribbles here.

I’ve been working on a student production of The Rimers of Eldritch, Lanford Wilson‘s 1967 take on societal decay in a small American town. It’s about lots of other things too of course, and a fine vehicle for the actors and technical production students in the professional training course.

I took random pictures throughout the process of workshops, rehearsals, and then at a dress rehearsal. We open tonight and welcome the missing ingredient, the audience.

Here’s just a taste of what it looks like. Heigh ho, on to the show!






3 responses to “Back from a big dark room”

  1. Dramagirl Avatar

    As an epilogue … the show closed yesterday afternoon to a warm reception. After-party now over, memories to file away somewhere and the business of reflection on next time begins. This theatre business is so ephemeral and yet the memories are no less rich for the transience of the experience.

  2. Bonnie K Avatar

    Kate we have a lot in common. This was my passion for many years of my teaching career and I loved your document of the process, which was always more exciting for me than the performances.
    How did you do that? I am not yet familiar with Animoto.

  3. Kate Foy Avatar

    Bonnie. Thank you for your kind words and for visiting my other blog.

    Animoto is a little application which ‘produces’ your still images. You can do a free 30″ production. Go to and follow the really simple instructions. It’s fun. I’d love you to share when you do … either here if it’s theatrical, or at Spinning a Learning Web.

    Glad to make contact with a fellow groundling.

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