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  • And Week 2 is a wrap

    Just like that, it was Friday afternoon – Day 10 of calls, and the end of Week 2 of rehearsal. The intensive nature of our work on the floor – blocking, which is all about playing with space, interaction, and finding actions to suit the words and words to suit the actions (thank you, Mr…

  • Notes on the freelance life: voice work

    Yesterday was hardly typical, and it was memorable for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I had three freelance jobs that took me cross-town a couple of times through pouring rain and crazy traffic; Brisbane doesn’t respond well to the wet. The second was a confirmation (if I needed it) at day’s end that the business…

  • Rehearsal: a new lines-learning app for the iPhone

    Hot on the heels of the free Hollywood Helper: Broadway Buddy, a neat lines-learning app for the iPhone that I wrote about some time ago, here’s Rehearsal from Sotto Voce Film+Works.  It’s also iPad ready!

  • Lines-learning just got cooler: another tool for iPhone toting actors

      I’m not all that keen on the name of this handy little iPhone app: ‘Hollywood Helper – Broadway Buddy’ – yuk!   ‘Lines Coach’ is plain, but it might well have served for an application that helps you to learn lines without your script, and which also understands how most actors work with pencil…

  • Magical Performance

    Earlier this year I wrote in praise of (Much) Older Women Artists. Yesterday afternoon I saw Robyn Nevin‘s performance in The Year of Magical Thinking, directed by Cate Blanchett for Queensland Theatre Company.  Her performance in this play, a monodrama adapted from Joan Didion‘s novel, is as truthful, vulnerable, and as moving as its subject matter.…

  • Behind the mic … tell stories

    Behind the mic … tell stories

    One of my day jobs concerns itself with reading; among other things, I’m a voice actor. I love words, the sound and power of the human voice, and like most people, I love telling stories. From a DVD training video to a commercial, I consider every voice-over  job I get as a story-telling challenge.