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  • Directing at a (safe) distance: MACBETH IN THE DARK

    Some months ago, I watched David Berthold interview the great director Peter Sellars. Among other things, Sellars noted the possible upsides of the pandemic. “There’s an upside?” I wondered. But Sellars said something which I’ve kept front and centre in my thinking for the past almost 6 months: “The virus is our teacher.”  Those five…

  • 1975: On tour with QTC’s “The Rainmaker”

    1975: On tour with QTC’s “The Rainmaker”

    It’s been quite a while since I wrote this little piece for the QTC’s 1975 newsletter No 2. I found it today as I was researching materials for the upcoming 50th anniversary of the Company. Touring around the vast distances of this country is still a way of life for actors – some things never…

  • In Performance: the new routine

    Monday – a day when most shows are ‘dark’ for a day off. It marks the end of the 8-shows a week into Week 2 of our season. Routines have changed from the day-long, week-day intensives of rehearsal and production week to the rhythms of a night-shift worker.

  • A Valentine for the Audience

    A Valentine for the Audience

    Since it’s the day to celebrate all things about love, I want to send a Valentine to our audiences. QUARTET’s have been notable for the warm response from every single house. Over the years, I’ve marvelled at how different each audience is. The latest are no exception.

  • A Tribute to Carol Burns

    A Tribute to Carol Burns

    Last night there was a gathering at the Playhouse Theatre to honour the memory of a great member of the artistic community. I was one of many who spoke of Carol’s life in the theatre, and of our friendship which began as young actors in the founding years of Queensland Theatre Company. This is what…

  • Enter the final cast member: Previews and Opening Night Performance

    Enter the final cast member: Previews and Opening Night Performance

    It’s often said that the play is not complete until the house is ‘in.’ Saturday night – Preview 1 of 4, and the first audience arrives to test our waters. We are very ready for them – craving them; comedy especially needs the feedback of laughter to assist the tempo and attack of playing. The very ‘liveness’…