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I read a good piece this morning from Cory Doctorow who has been blogging every day for what seems like the beginning of blog-time well, 20 years anyway. Here’s Cory’s post about what he does – full of amazing information about how he does it, and why.

One thing that caught my eye was his comment about pulling up posts from the past.

I go through my old posts every day. I know that much – most? of them – are not for the ages. But some of them are good. Some, I think, are great. They define who I am. They’re my outboard brain.

Cory Doctorow

I thought I’d check in to see what I was doing 15 years ago on this day in blog land. Bringing back the past in this way had familiar resonances. Here is Cabaret Begins: meet and greet. I posted it on 3rd February 2008 as I was about it begin work on a new production.

And on reading through it, yes, this post (and the ones that followed in a series), is spot on in defining some of what I am as an actor.

There have been many meet and greets for new productions since then, and the rituals are the same. It’s the initial bonding, the sense of excitement at the work to come and the opportunity to create anew with a whole bunch of new artists, people who, inevitably, become as familiar as one’s friends during the crucible of a rehearsal and production period. It’s a precious time and one I treasure each time I’m privileged to create this way.

This time round I was an actor in a production of the wonderful musical CABARET from Kander and Ebb directed beautifully and memorably by Lewis Jones. For me, it was the best in-house production from Toowoomba’s Empire Theatre. But then, I probably would say that as my memories of the time are of being challenged and supported by a director who knew what he wanted and how to get it and how to work with people to realise his vision. That vision was superb and the realisation of it on stage was memorable for all who saw it. A belated thanks, Lewis!

So, yes, I think I might just trawl back through the past and see if I can find some great posts to share. Even if no one else reads them, they’re a great poke at the synapses of my outboard brain and bring back a particular moment that felt, at the time at least, worthy of writing down.





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