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  • Looking back

    I read a good piece this morning from Cory Doctorow who has been blogging every day for what seems like the beginning of blog-time well, 20 years anyway. Here’s Cory’s post about what he does – full of amazing information about how he does it, and why. One thing that caught my eye was his […]

  • Following your passion? Don’t.

    Some time ago I wrote a post here that discussed developing a career as a young artist. I drew on a lot of sources, books, conversations, and thinking time in putting it together. I ran it by some young artists for a beta-test before publishing, and it’s since become quite a popular piece. One of […]

  • Mastodon-bound

    After 15 years on Twitter, it all got a bit much what with Elon Musk mucking stuff up. I followed the herd over to Mastodon Join me there?

  • Toowoomba’s Pubs and Publicans – then and now

    The delightfully human snippets of people and events that are sprinkled throughout Maurice French and Judy Brewer’s “Bar and Boniface: a compendium of Toowoomba’s Pubs and Publicans 1844-2020” make for delightful reading on their own. I suspect anyone who starts reading will find a personal connection that they didn’t expect. I did.

  • Yr Loving Daughter, Katie Hume

    In 2005, the Toowoomba Literary Society asked me to give an address to their November meeting. Here it is. I called it “Giving Voice to the Darling Downs letters of Anna Kate Fowler Hume 1866-1871.” Drayton, 18th February 1870 My dearest Alice,Very many thanks for your nice long letter of November 19, which I received […]

  • Spring Cleaning on Winter Solstice Day

    Possibly because I have neglected doing it for so long, and because I now have some time, today’s job was to tidy up the disgusting piles of old paper which are much-beloved of silverfish, I see. Among them were gnawed copies (what else has been living in these piles of paper, I wonder) of talks […]