Following your passion? Don’t.

Some time ago I wrote a post here that discussed developing a career as a young artist. I drew on a lot of sources, books, conversations, and thinking time in putting it together. I ran it by some young artists for a beta-test before publishing, and it’s since become quite a popular piece.

One of the books that has impressed me the most when it comes to developing your career is Cal Newport’s SO GOOD THEY CAN’T IGNORE YOU.

Ali Abdaal interviewed Newport recently and then produced this terrific little video which summarises and adds to the original advice in the book. It’s definitely worth a look and some thinking time, wherever you are in your career.

Newport writes emphatically that following your passion is a no-go if you want a successful and long-lasting career. When it comes to what he calls the “winner take all” market, which is where most artists work, I couldn’t agree more.

Anyway, here it is. See what you think.






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