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  • Toowoomba’s Pubs and Publicans – then and now

    The delightfully human snippets of people and events that are sprinkled throughout Maurice French and Judy Brewer’s “Bar and Boniface: a compendium of Toowoomba’s Pubs and Publicans 1844-2020” make for delightful reading on their own. I suspect anyone who starts reading will find a personal connection that they didn’t expect. I did.

  • A Tribute to Carol Burns

    A Tribute to Carol Burns

    Last night there was a gathering at the Playhouse Theatre to honour the memory of a great member of the artistic community. I was one of many who spoke of Carol’s life in the theatre, and of our friendship which began as young actors in the founding years of Queensland Theatre Company. This is what…

  • Stirring

    About time I got back to some writing here … have started to miss it lately … tidying, editing, and archving happening

  • Alone again … naturally

    Just realised … it’s the first time in a month I’ve been on my own. Feeling just a little discombobulated. Travel can do that to you.

  • Reviving the blog

    Reviving the blog

    The last time this blog got any attention was over a year ago … and how time has flown. What was once a busy blog site has become one of those abandoned, archived, lonely corners of the great web. I’ve been working harder at another, niche blog – Greenroom – and using Tumblr and Posterous…

  • … of drought and flooding rains (Part 3)

    This is something of a coda to my earlier couple of posts with the same title. Last night I read My Country during the Road to Recovery concert held in a paddock at the tiny township of Murphy’s Creek, outside Toowoomba. This was one of the settlements devastated during the flood on January 10, 2011.…