Winding down – there goes 2010

We’re in the last week of the year and it’s stocktake time. I’m clearing the shelves for the new year and making all of those resolutions that will be lucky to make it to Easter. Time to think about a list of what to do or not to do in the coming year. Everyone else seems to be making lists; I thought I would as well.

Memories of 2010

Mostly things done with friends and family

  • A wonderful week in Noosa in January with the children – so many happy memories in this most beautiful part of the world by the sea.
  • Days spent with my daughter in NYC in September. Just hanging out and seeing her delight at discovering new things – especially from the top of The Rock(erfeller) Centre and strolling up 5th Avenue.
  • Turning a corner near our apartment and seeing the famed Actors’ Studio just … there.
  • Knowing I could be in the lobby of any Broadway theatre in 10 minutes from my apartment.
  • Catching up with friends from grad school, now married and with kids. Getting to know them as parents, watching them doing so well and being so lovely together – and their great Southern cooking.
  • Ditto with other friends in Washington DC – and meeting their little girls.
  • The Smithsonian, the Library of Congress and the Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington DC – all splendid ways to spend time
  • Being all alone in the Washington Mall by the Reflecting Pool one morning
  • Walking the grounds and the home of George and Martha Washington one beautiful fall Sunday at Mt Vernon in VA
  • Visiting JFK’s grave and that of his brother Robert at Arlington National Cemetery
  • Spending time with my son in Vancouver, likewise just hanging out, and seeing him go about his daily life in such a calm, focussed way.
  • Meeting so many new people for the first time – face to face after months of online communication and finding them ‘real’ and friendly and just as I’d expected – a ‘real’ marvel
  • Of the 50 plays I’ve seen this year on two continents some were wonderful, some unforgettable for all sorts of reasons, some were ordinary, others were awful – but all were theatre – life imagined live.

I’m Grateful for

  • family and friendship, good health, freedom and peaceful times – the essentials;
  • the interwebs – what a wonderful thing this is to keep in touch, spread ideas, educate, activate and inspire hope in the world;
  • having the opportunity to work as an election day official. I learned a lot about how it operates and how lightly some people take their right to vote;
  • having had the opportunity to lead the search for a new artistic leader for the theatre in our state;
  • my pet companion who is ALWAYS glad to see me and provides a quiet, calming presence as I work around the place;
  • good wine and plentiful food;
  • my garden and bush patch and the native inhabitants who share it with me.

I Wish I Hadn’t

  • spent so much time sitting at the computer
  • spent so  much time behind the wheel of my car. I want a super power to transport me anywhere I like, just like that!

I Wish I Had – here comes the genesis of the New Year’s Resolutions:

  • spent more time in the garden and walking
  • become fitter
  • eaten better food
  • told the people I love how much I love them – more often