Reviving the blog

The last time this blog got any attention was over a year ago … and how time has flown.

What was once a busy blog site has become one of those abandoned, archived, lonely corners of the great web. I’ve been working harder at another, niche blog – Greenroom – and using Tumblr and Posterous (before its demise earlier this year) as ways to get material out there quickly. With the loss of more and more third-party sites as repositories of material, it’s apparent that having one’s own self-managed site is no bad idea. So, it’s back to the former Groundling. The site also has pages to my professional c-v and an archive tab in the navigation bar.

What is going to appear here? That, dear reader, depends … on how the mood takes me and whether or not I find the time.

Just dusting down the shelves for now …