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  • 1975: On tour with QTC’s “The Rainmaker”

    1975: On tour with QTC’s “The Rainmaker”

    It’s been quite a while since I wrote this little piece for the QTC’s 1975 newsletter No 2. I found it today as I was researching materials for the upcoming 50th anniversary of the Company. Touring around the vast distances of this country is still a way of life for actors – some things never […]

  • Brisbane: Wanted – a cultural reality check

    I heard a great interview this morning on ABC612 Brisbane with Sam Strong, the ‘newish’ (since last November) Artistic Director of Queensland Theatre Company. Among other things, Sam sketched out some of his ideas to make QTC a national theatre leader. Anyway, it was exciting and refreshing to hear Sam hint at his plans and talk up his […]

  • Quote of the day: on honesty and quality

    As always, read the whole post Why They Don’t Come Back (yes, on audiences and theatre) from a newly-discovered US-based blogger.  This is a snippet that resonates with me right now. I think it’s in our interest to be a lot harder on theatre-making. How many of your friends are working on a bad show […]

  • Quote of the day: on reality and possibly, endurance

    Read the whole post by Travis Bedard from Cambiare Productions in Austin in the US.  It was focussed on writers, but holds equally for all artists and creatives in the theatre … or elsewhere. Everyone wants a comfortable job at a comfortable salary at a nurturing artistic home.  And a unicorn.  Too bad. Quick Thoughts […]

  • Quote of the Day: on social media and your arts company

    Worth a complete read but here is the nub of the matter : No matter your geographic focus, social networks are fundamentally about forming a community and having conversations. Therefore, having a clear purpose in mind when you choose your networks is essential. We’ve all heard the adage “the medium is the message.” It means […]

  • Arts Education – what should we teach and how?

    There’s a Twitter discussion happening right now hashtagged #artsed .  The hashtag acts as a search key for tweets that have anything to do with arts education, but this particular thread of the discussion is focussing on the issue of professional training for artists – more particularly theatre artists, and especially actors.  The originating posts […]