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  • Brisbane: Wanted – a cultural reality check

    I heard a great interview this morning on ABC612 Brisbane with Sam Strong, the ‘newish’ (since last November) Artistic Director of Queensland Theatre Company. Among other things, Sam sketched out some of his ideas to make QTC a national theatre leader. Anyway, it was exciting and refreshing to hear Sam hint at his plans and talk up his […]

  • Professional theatre: how can you tell?

    (At time of writing) A disclaimer for context:  I am Chairman of the Board of Queensland Theatre Company, so I do move in territory often inhabited by what one blog commenter elsewhere rather unkindly, though I hope with witty intent, called ‘old arts farts.’  Ya gotta laugh.  But I also move as an audience member/supporter […]

  • Hello Create World 2007!

    So here we are again, a gathering of digital creatives ready to create/learn/gab together. Last night, hellos, drinks, nibbles and a short concert with Topology at Queensland College of Art at Griffith U in Brisbane, our sandpit for the next 3 days. BTW, Topology (keyboard, cut-down double bass, saxophone, violin and viola) is very worth […]