Hello Create World 2007!

So here we are again, a gathering of digital creatives ready to create/learn/gab together. Last night, hellos, drinks, nibbles and a short concert with Topology at Queensland College of Art at Griffith U in Brisbane, our sandpit for the next 3 days. BTW, Topology (keyboard, cut-down double bass, saxophone, violin and viola) is very worth tracking down for their energetic, fancy playing … love the live music integration with edited video and speech rhythms. They play the Brisbane Powerhouse on occasions. Memo to self: go to their next gig, get a CD.

Monday morning is cool and overcast, rare for Brisbane in late spring, but what a great place to be. Southbank where the college lives is a delightful riverside precinct. Had a very nice breakfast this morning al fresco and read all about the election results. A new week and a new era in Aus politics begins … and hopefully a great conference.

As I live blog, the usual plugging in of cables is going on on stage, sound checks, much coffee drinking. More later …





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