Goodbye rehearsal room … hello theatre

Yesterday we said goodbye to Rehearsal Room 1 at Queensland Theatre Company. It’s been our cosy playroom since just after Christmas when we came together to begin work on QUARTET. It’s into the Playhouse at QPAC tomorrow and the start of tech week.

Image: Stephen Henry Photography via QTC
Image: Stephen Henry Photography via QTC

This means getting used to a new space; those green (Act 1) and yellow (Act 2) tape markups on the floor will become real levels and walls, doors and other objects to accommodate – although we’ve worked with real furniture and stand-in props. We’ll swap rehearsal gear for costumes and makeup and all the other ‘body-masking’ add-ons that assist in transforming actor to character.

For actors, it’s also about getting used to the look of scene partners in this new space, as well as the acoustics of the room, the intensity of lighting and all the other technical challenges of manoeuvering entrances and exits from the wings. Working intensively as a team to bring together the elements of production is the other name of tech week. Once again I am reminded of that catch-all phrase that permeates so much of the work: it’s all in the timing!

And, of course, there will be the important task of setting up my dressing-room aka new nest and retreat for the coming just-over-a-month of the season. I predict the couch will be getting a bit of a workout on two-show days.