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  • Week 6: Tech, dress, and finger tingles

    Where do I begin … So much has happened since the time, earlier this week, when I wrote about leaving the safety and comfort of our rehearsal room. It’s involved the scary but necessary transitioning of an organism – the living, breathing, moving play – into a new space. In fact, it’s an evolution of sorts. And […]

  • Backstage Rhythm

    Backstage Rhythm

    There’s another kind of orchestration happening in the backstage area. It has a rhythm of its own, conducted by the Stage Manager, and one never heard out front. I sit waiting in the wings during tech rehearsals and listen to the sounds around me – music and sound effects, the gentle rumble of stage machinery, […]

  • Goodbye rehearsal room … hello theatre

    Yesterday we said goodbye to Rehearsal Room 1 at Queensland Theatre Company. It’s been our cosy playroom since just after Christmas when we came together to begin work on QUARTET. It’s into the Playhouse at QPAC tomorrow and the start of tech week. This means getting used to a new space; those green (Act 1) and […]

  • Week 4 – the gears are clicking

    Waking early today into the light in the sky. It’s high summer and my diurnal rhythms seem to be in sync with the bigger picture. Eyes open, into awareness, and the low-level adrenaline that’s come to be part of my life, kicks into play. I’m grateful for a day off for the light domestic duties, a spot of gardening, and […]

  • And Week 2 is a wrap

    Just like that, it was Friday afternoon – Day 10 of calls, and the end of Week 2 of rehearsal. The intensive nature of our work on the floor – blocking, which is all about playing with space, interaction, and finding actions to suit the words and words to suit the actions (thank you, Mr […]

  • Routine

    Rehearsal days are flying by – we’re nearing the end of Week 2 – and the work on the floor this week, blocking scenes and interrogating action through character, is intense and tiring. This is where the richness of a text becomes apparent, but it takes its toll. The tiredness only becomes apparent at day’s end when, […]