Week 1 Done … no dust

The last time I turned up to work on a Saturday morning was back in high school when I did a weekly pocket-money stint at Coles in my hometown. This week has been broken a bit by public holidays, and so we finished the first of what constituted the rehearsal week on Saturday; it felt like a Friday all day, of course, and with lots of delicious cakes and even a Christmas stollen on the tea table. Note to self: don’t get too carried away at break time with the tea table.

So, table work, readings, discussion – beginning to get stuck into character, relationships, background, dialect work with our coach, the wonderful Melissa Agnew, and opening up the world of opera with our consultant and dramatic soprano, Zara Barrett. We’re still in the shoals of the work. Next week it’s into the deep and ‘on the floor’ time, exploring blocking and movement and, for a couple of us, manipulating walking sticks.

I’m also, for possibly the first time ever as far as I can recall, getting up with no book in hand. All those months of reading and line-bashing are about to pay off, I hope as I have hands and eyes free to begin engaging with things and people around me in the world of the play.

I love rehearsals and the challenges they bring to one.  It’s a grand way to begin a year.