Category: Voice and Text

  • “Ich bin ein Berliner!” or trying to sound like it.

    I had my first accent coaching session with a German colleague yesterday. She’s a native of Berlin, teaches German language at university here in Australia, but has been immersed in an English-sounding world for around 10 years or so. As a result of this, I had to ask her to work at strengthening her German […]

  • Studying a Text: ideas, lines, sounds

      There are probably almost as many ways of learning a script as there are actors. For me, and right now starting rehearsals for a new show it’s read, read, read the script, getting the sense of the arc of the story and my character’s role in telling it. I think it’s Anthony Hopkins who […]

  • Slam poetry and the power of speech

    Rhetorical power was the subject of some attention this week. One of the US Democratic Party’s hopefuls in the presidential primary race gave a marvellous ‘Yes We Can’ concession speech which used repetition to make its point. Barack Obama is a forceful, clear speech-giver. You can catch it here. I like this take on the […]

  • Did I leave the best to last?

    Perhaps I am just being patriotic, but I reckon these Aussie guys are pretty darn hot in the voice-over artistry stakes. The two contenders for me are Keith Scott and Jim Pike. Since I wrote this post, Keith Scott has removed his demos. Jim Pike’s is still live and kicking. Enjoy! I wrote a while […]

  • The podcast voice: formal, conversational, what?

    Image by Colleen AF Venable via Flickr Depending on the content and the form of your podcast, you’ll want to think about the style of your delivery. I most often use podcasts to provide course material to students, and more often than not the audio track will be accompanied by slides to support what I […]

  • Finding the right voice for a presentation

    Teaching actors how to find the right voice for a character is something I work at in my day job. Finding the voice for a character is something an actor works at whilst prepping a role. It’s not just about dialect and accent either, although developing these skills is important. Clear speech, acceptable pronunciation, phrasing […]