Girding the loins

I spent yesterday afternoon watching a run-through of a play for which I am voice coach. After the run I had dinner with one of the actors, and we talked less about the run-through, and more about the approach to prepping the body and mind for the act of artistic-athleticism, aka stage performance. Pacing across the arc of the performance, knowing the journey (as it is often called) of the character and of the actor-self is a vital component to ensuring a good performance. And so is eating and resting properly, and breaking through that thing called resistance, which as Steven Pressfield notes in his terrific book The War of Art is the chief block to creativity and artistic performance. Nice to remind myself of this as the weeks hurry by, and resistance becomes a partner in my daily activities. Got to wrestle this demon; it’s not a friend but a trap. Got out Pressfield’s book last night and will re-read it today, just as a reminder … and perhaps set it free in the rehearsal room.






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