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  • Adventures in Tana: Setting up a reviewing system Part 2

    In Part 1 of this blog-post series I emphasised the importance of the foundational planning phase. If you haven’t already read it, take a look before you get stuck into this part of the post. As a freelancer my work is project-based so having a system that is as powerful as Tana to interlink and […]

  • Adventures in Tana: Planning and Reviewing: Part 1

    It’s that time of the year; calendars and diaries are on their last pages and new ones are being offered in some shops for those who like to track the passing of time with paper prompts on the wall. There’s a sense of Auld Lang Syne, of things ending, of the old year dying and […]

  • Give a damn day … avoiding the food miles

    It’s the first of the month, so today is the second ‘give a damn day’ where I nudge myself out of my self-absorption into an outward focus on things that need attention … things at least, that I can deal with. I’m a great believer in personal responsibility, and little things building up over time […]

  • Interaction, Conversation, and Reflection

    Image via Wikipedia Yes it’s been ages; my regular posting pattern has disappeared, and visits have dropped away. Those readers loyal enough to stay with me would have read between the lines of my last post some 3 weeks ago. It was a guilt-trip that I laid on myself for exploring a slew of social […]

  • Class Blogging: getting started

    This is a comment ‘upgraded’ to a post. The original was in response to an inquiry from a colleague in the US. She asked for some tips on using a class blog. My response got long, and by the end I thought it probably could do with a dust-off and a reshaping into a stand-alone […]

  • Serendiptious thinking and a new endeavour

    Michele Martin and Tony Karrer are two writers I enjoy. Their individual contributions to the sphere of workplace learning come together in their new endeavour WorkLiteracy. Check it out and engage if you can. One thing I’ve come to believe in the past 6 months or so is the power of the serendipity of our […]