Serendiptious thinking and a new endeavour

Michele Martin and Tony Karrer are two writers I enjoy. Their individual contributions to the sphere of workplace learning come together in their new endeavour WorkLiteracy. Check it out and engage if you can.

One thing I’ve come to believe in the past 6 months or so is the power of the serendipity of our connection and writing in this field. Michele and I have often been mulling over and writing the same things within the same 24 hours. I read Tony’s entry in his post Personal Value and Change today, a couple of hours after I’d written much the same thing in a comment here.

Here’s Tony:

At one point, I was much more positive about the prospects for adoption of web 2.0 tools and cited the technology adoption model:

Adoption Rate = Perceived Usefulness (PU) * Perceive Ease of Use (PEOU)

And with how easy these new tools are, the PEOU is going to be high. So, it will come down to their Perceived Usefulness (PU). So …

It’s first and foremost about personal value.

There’s also a factor of the individuals feelings about their capabilities related to the system.

And here’s mine … much shorter but eerily similar:

‘Ownership’ is a great term. I think when we claim to own something, it’s because we see value in it, and because that value has meaning of some kind to us.

I’ve found that if a student/colleague finds value in one of these tools then they will attempt to claim it and own it for their own use.

Good luck Michele and Tony. Work Literacy looks like a great enterprise.

Love this web thing.

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    I enjoy your article, Thanks a lot

  2. Motorsport Experience Avatar

    This is interesting. Most people do not think enough.

  3. Racing Schools Avatar

    Most people are manipulated by the media and press. It's called Mind Control by the real rulers of this world. The Illuminati.

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