Give a damn day … avoiding the food miles

It’s the first of the month, so today is the second ‘give a damn day’ where I nudge myself out of my self-absorption into an outward focus on things that need attention … things at least, that I can deal with. I’m a great believer in personal responsibility, and little things building up over time into something greater.

Whether or not others join me is immaterial, though it would be nice if everyone in their own ways took time out to focus energies on making a difference for the better in whatever field they choose.

So, I’ve been engaged in building a garden over the past few months, and the harvest is coming in now the days of summer are with us. I’ve also been hearing about food miles and why we should avoid buying food that has been transported a great distance … it’s about sustainability of course, as well as freshness and you’d hope, your own health. The ACF (Australian Conservation Foundation) has a brief page on some of the implications of long-distance travel for food. Not tasty at all!

I was a little dismayed a few weeks back to see so-called fresh foods being made from imported ingredients in, of all places, the bakery section of my local supermarket. Their bread and pastries were freshly baked in their kitchen,  but were labelled ‘Product of the US’; ‘Product of Belgium’; ‘Product of Denmark’ and so on. The ingredients were imported you see.  For heavens’ sake! Why? Well, we know why … profit margins are greater at the bottom of the ledger using cheaper, imported goods.  Anyhow ..

My giving a damn today is about avoiding food miles and committing to eating a home-grown meal once a week while the produce is in. Yes, it’s going to  be vegetarian, I don’t have any chickens,  but that’s OK too. I have organically-grown veges in my patch and it won’t do me or my budget any harm at all to go vege for one day a week. I’ll increase my culinary expertise along the way … I hope. I’m going to ensure that I buy local produce when I can’t grow it myself, and look for locally produced foods where possible.

I love collecting frequent flyer points on my overseas trips, but not for my food.

There are a whole lot of related videos on YouTube and elsewhere about Food Miles. Check them out.

Here’s one

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