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Yes it’s been ages; my regular posting pattern has disappeared, and visits have dropped away. Those readers loyal enough to stay with me would have read between the lines of my last post some 3 weeks ago. It was a guilt-trip that I laid on myself for exploring a slew of social networking platforms and services, and playing long and hard at them. I’d neglected my ‘first-born’ … this blog … even though my productivity has been way up. If the truth be known, I had nothing much to say here until now. I’ve been saying it all elsewhere, and along the way continuing mulling over other ways and means of communicating using the various platforms I’ve discovered: especially Seesmic and Friendfeed. I’ve enjoyed the new communities I’ve wandered into, and the ways of interacting with them. I’ve found an amazingly diverse and technologically rich ecosystem along the way. I’m excited by the potential we now have to gather, shape and share our words, sounds and images in so many variations … to communicate, learn, and to create … together.

The backstory to all this is that I’ve also changed the pattern of my life with its rhythms and demands. I took a month off recently not only for a holiday but also to sever myself physically and metaphysically from a lifestyle dominated by full-time work as an academic. Now I can choose what I do and how and when I do it. Yes dear reader, we are speaking about what’s called ‘retirement from the workforce.’ You could say I am in transition, and loving it. So this was another thing I had to say … things have changed for me as has the way I now think about myself and what I do.

And what has this to do with blogging? Well lots as it turns out. What will I write about here? Spinning’s by-line has been ‘one academic’s adventures in e-learning with a Mac.’ I’m not a professor any more, but that doesn’t mean I’ll lose my adventurous spirit, curiosity and love for learning, or penchant for things Mac. So I will continue under a new by-line … you had noticed it above hadn’t you? You can expect to see some structural changes around the site, but they’ll sneak in and out until I can get the shape right; I’ll write about them too … it’s nice having more time to spend on such things.  I’ll also be talking more about e-learning and digital communication outside formal education systems. I would love to hear from you as always … .

And yes, they always say you’re never busier than when you retire. It’s true.

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