Theatre and Technology: synergy in performance

I stumbled across this one today – one from the TED Talks series and recorded this year.

It’s Natasha Tsakos talking briefly about the relationship between theatre and technology, and performing excerpts from her solo multimedia show ‘Upwake.’ Enjoy; it’s terrific and inspiring.




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  1. Andrew Eglinton Avatar

    Ah nice find indeed. I’ll definitely spare some time for this. I’m heading to Philadelphia in September by the way, to cover Fatebook in more detail. So I’m collecting resources related to theatre/technology/social media etc and this is a great addition.

    I like the extra space here on your site. Very easy to navigate and get a quick understanding of what’s new.
    .-= Andrew Eglinton´s last blog ..Practical Guide to Theatre and the Web: WordPress (Part 1 of 2) =-.

  2. Andrew Eglinton Avatar

    Also, I wanted to ask whether you’ve experimented with Posterous at all and if so what your thoughts are on it as a potential all-in-one solution. I’m thinking of setting it up on my namesake domain. I want a space I can post quick thoughts, references and collected material to. I like the idea of communicating with the account via email. At the moment thought it seems like it’s restricted to a single design.
    .-= Andrew Eglinton´s last blog ..Practical Guide to Theatre and the Web: WordPress (Part 1 of 2) =-.

  3. Kate Foy Avatar

    Hi Andrew
    My jury’s out on Posterous. I prefer Tumblr as it is customisable. I post references etc here – mostly quotes – and have always thought of it as my online scrapbook. I also have a Posteous account (I am such a magpie) but rarely use it.

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