Where have I been?

There have been very few posts to this blog for a couple of weeks, and for good reason. They have all been made to another (private group) blog of mine, which is currently charting the progress of work on a production with a group of acting majors in production on a play Mad Forest by the English writer Caryl Churchill. This play is based on the events surrounding the fall of the Ceaucescu regime in Romania in 1989.

My decision to get the student company members to use this blog as a research tool, and to share their findings, is another experiment on what I am discovering is being called “e-learning” “social networking” and (in creating their own blogs on process which I share as an invited reader) “personal learning spaces.” Results are relatively good; some students have taken to the reflective practice in their own blogs very well; others are either not used to the habit of reflection sufficiently well to make the blog work for them, or simply resistant to using the medium (lack of access at home could well be a problem for some). I’ll be keen to get their feedback at the end of the project as I’ve decided to write a conference paper for delivery later in the year on my own experiments in the field of e-learning.

I’m also enjoying trialling a new app iGTD which is in beta right now. It’s a handy-dandy, very nicely designed productivity tool right out of the GTD box. Each week brings new and better features, including excellent integration with that other beautiful Mac-only app Quicksilver. Part of me misses the Kinkless GTD/Omni Outliner app where I was processing my stuff, but I am liking iGTD very, very much especially how well it syncs info with my .Mac account on the home desktop, my G4 laptop and work machine (iMac).

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