Getting a presentation together

The AUC Create World Conference looms! I’m looking forward to this one which kicks off Sunday night November 25 in Brisbane at Griffith U and runs through to November 28. I’m presenting on what I’ve called ‘Permanent Beta’ as it applies to keeping up with the whole Web 2.0 thing as an educator. I’m going to tell my story so far; it will be a personal take on why I think the so-called digital native generation are wary of using the Web 2.0 toybox in a formal education setting. I want to share my guerilla tactics for circumventing the imposition of institutional ‘learning systems’ … they are no such thing … and yarn on about the challenges, frustrations and successes I’ve experienced. More than this I want to set up a continuing dialogue with colleagues. I’m not inclined to live-blog, though this spookily uber-efficient way of capturing conference proceedings on the fly could be a feature of the conference. I’m going to do the daily round-up, and I hope you’ll join me with comment.

Right now I’m sketching out the presentation in Keynote and committing to minimal text, and a killer image per key point. I want to tell my story, not be upstaged but supported by the visuals, or in other words, keep the presenter as the focus of the presentation.

More on structuring the presentation in another post.





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