A Jolt Out of the Ordinary

Spending the week by the sea at Hervey Bay north of Brisbane, where the Shakespeare Festival has put down roots for its inaugural season away from home. The week has been full of media calls, watching the set emerge again (like magic, but really with the effort and expertise of the technical production team) from a seaside park, and generally going into the “fingers crossed” mode for audience numbers and a positive tick from the community. That way, we get to come back again next year.
The jolt out of the ordinary has been the discovery of a mass/pack/herd/flock (what do you call them) of bats, wonderful, hanging-upside-down, querellous, stinky fruit bats in a patch of forest by the ocean. They fly over in the most wonderful formation around dusk, out on their nightly raid of fruit and small insects. Wonderful atmosphere for the play Macbeth.

The other jolt was a walk along the ocean front this morning … how I love the feel of the sand and the little waves. Tomorrow morning it’s into the briny for a full swim. But first, there’s a show to do … .



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