The State of e-learning in Early 08

A tag cloud with terms related to Web 2.Image from WikipediaOne of my favourite sites is The Centre for Learning and Performance Technologies which contains a link to Jane Hart’s blog. Jane keeps a finger on the pulse of e-learning and she’s doing some great longitudinal research into who is using what tools and where. I’ve been signed up via her blog this year for a daily e-letter Jane’s e-learning pick of the day. Jane’s reminder and tips arrive each morning in the mailbox. This way I get to test drive a new tool and attempt to keep up with what’s being released in the dizzyingly fast world of e-learning apps and services development.

I took part in a survey earlier this year along with other educators in which we were asked to nominate our favourite e-learning tool at the time. You can read Jane’s summation of all of this in her post.

Apart from the rankings on a leagues table of what tools made it and what didn’t, who moved up or down or out from last year’s picks, is Jane’s brief analysis in the post of which tools are being used in formal, workplace education and which by educators. Perhaps no prizes for guessing, but the older, Web 1.0 ‘organise and push’ tools predominate in workplace learning, whilst Web 2.0 apps are the clear favourites with educators.

You can sign up for what will undoubtedly be a more comprehensive summation in a free pdf by going to the Top 100 Tools page on Jane’s site. Highly recommended.

And who’s sitting on top? …. delicious! This alone says much about the primacy of collaborative learning in our collective consciousness doesn’t it?


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