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  • Talking Theatre in 2009: Only Connect

    Talking Theatre in 2009: Only Connect

    This is being written over 10 years after several theatre friends based in the UK and the USA Matt Boothman, Travis Bedard, ‘Old Bear’ and yours truly had been chatting for about a week on a site called Utterli – a kind of mini-podcasting application at the time. We’d turned our attention to the theatre’s use […]

  • How Twitter is invigorating my blogging

    As I’ve written elsewhere here, I’ve spent a good bit of time microblogging – diversifying the way I engage in online conversation. Whereas once I would have written a blog message or two a day, I now find I am more likely to twitter and then take far more ideas from the Twitter stream into […]

  • Talking theatre? Try Twitter.

    Image by luc legay via Flickr I feel as though I have been embedded in my social media for the past month. The chat has been relentless but fascinating, and it’s coming via several channels, the principal one of which is Twitter. The Twitter phenomenon continues to astonish with its ubiquity; just Google ‘Twitter’ and […]