Lazy Blogging?

Sunday again, and no blog post for a while. For a second or two the “l” word entered my head, and was just as quickly booted out with the guilt trip. ‘Lazy’ I haven’t been since the last post, though a casual follower of my blog would assume I might have been. Perhaps a day off to contemplate that slower-moving world out there that I have sworn to get back to some time? Time to work at my photography, garden, read, blog, catch up with friends, cook a good meal even? Fat chance.
Fact is, I have been at work in another kind of dark room creating a particular brand of magic known as a theatre production. The other blogging has been on the production site, and the actors are also hard at it, posting their reactions to the project and seeking comment, which I’ve diligently done. So, no lazy there. No lazy anywhere actually; just the particular brand of stupidity that is prevalent these days and manifests itself in rushing about from project to project, doing work less well and feeling guilty about it, aka the spiral of defeat.

I’m hearing the badge of honour/complaint (not sure which it is) from some colleagues in full-time work recently: “Everyone is working a job and a half!” Stop the madness, say I, and then resolutely jump back on the treadmill myself.

The diminuition of quality in work as well as the exhaustion and joylessness haunts me at times like this. I work in a creative culture for god’s sake, and here I am hanging it out to dry. Merlin Mann produced a great podcast The Richard Scarry Book of the Future a while back on his 43 FoldersPodcast. I like Merlin’s style, his absurd sense of humour, and in this one, the touch of real anger at how we’ve allowed our creativity to get shanghied in the name of increased productivity (my take anyway). I should listen to it every time I get stuck in overwork and distraction down ratholes (another lovely little metaphor for taking a thought, a conversation, an action down to a dead-end) is no substitute for focussed work.

End of rant.





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