Footling Round in Websites and USQ’s Shakespeare in Queen’s Park site

Time to change my current Shakespeare in Queens Park Festival site from iWeb over to a server at work. Too many hits (modest blush) and chewing up bandwidth. Can’t wait for iWeb to sort itself out in terms of making a little easier the “publishing to a folder” and creating more than one domain site. I’ve cracked the work-flow now, but if you don’t concentrate and forget to create a new domain in a separate folder, you end up wiping out page content. Yep it happened to me today again. Fortunately I only changed a little bit of the welcome page on the iWeb site into a redirection to the new site. Of course, I then had to go and undo it, after archiving the old welcome page into a folder of its own. If you can follow this, you’re doing well; told you it was complicated. Anyhow, the site is sitting on the new server waiting for lots of visitors, and the re-direct page is sitting on my iDisk and happily and I hope seamlessly redirecting my previously loyal visitors to the new playground.

UPDATE: The archive of the posts associated with the Shakespeare in Queen’s Park Festival can now be found on my own server. It was necessary to ensure I kept my own intellectual property after leaving the university. You can find this at SiQP Blog.

The site has been updated with a new interviews page with artists and creatives. My they can talk! It’s a pleasure to interview passionate, articulate people. Take a look and a listen. It’s being updated all the time.







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