Another 31-Day Challenge!

Image: Thanks Stephen Downes

Last August, and along with a smallish but hardy group of bloggers, I took the 31 Days to a Better Blog Challenge, led by the energetic and insightful Michele Martin of the Bamboo Project. As I’ve written elsewhere, this was a seminal event in my development as a blogger. (Use the tag bb31days to search for related posts).

The things I learned and the people I met during that month have stuck; we stay in touch … we co-comment on one another’s posts. Support is the name of the game in developing and extending our conversations. And so we learn from one another … we feel in touch. We live all round the world. I call them my global community of practice as well as fellow adventurers in e-learning and blogging. Other times, I call them by their first names; that’s what that challenge did.

Now two of the Old Originals … Michele Martin and Sue Waters (another amazingly prolific and energetic blogger and all-round e-learning fanatic) are at it again. This time it’s about blog commenters hooking up and participating across 31 days to increase their general or niche networks, and to learn more about the fine art of communicating via comments. The project will be using CoComments, the program which enables comments by everyone in the challenge team to read everyone else’s. The blogging network is thus extended via co-commenting and not just via a particular blog. Get it?

OK, if you don’t and are interested head on over to the challenge wiki page. All the info you need to know is right there. You’ll need to get a CoComment membership and a widget, a plug-in or if you use it, an extension or bookmartlet for Firefox to enable your comments to be ‘logged.’ All of these are on the CoComment home page. You’ll have to put your name and blog down as one of the team … do this at the challenge wiki page … and really then it’s up to you and your prolific writing life.

This is going to be interesting and mind-expanding.

Yes there are prizes if you need an incentive.


2 responses to “Another 31-Day Challenge!”

  1. Michele Martin Avatar

    Thanks for blogging this, Kate–and for being willing to join in the craziness again. We promise that it will be less intense than our first go-around. I’m moving at the end of May, so I know that I couldn’t handle that! 🙂

  2. Cheryl Oakes Avatar

    Kate, I wrote a similar blog post and comment about beginning to blog by posting comments, having others read my comments and reply, then finally blogging and enjoying the conversations. This will really stretch my horizons.

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