A del.icio.us year

There have been some great apps come my way this year. One of the best has been the aptly-named del.icio.us (I still have to think about the spelling when I type). I have no idea how I came across this marvellous, democratic, imaginative tag system back in January, but the first bookmark ever was ‘How to keep your desk clean and tidy.’ How’s that for a new year’s resolution! The image above is a screen shot of my current cloud-tag, and there in terms of frequency are the top hits for 2007. So in doing a recap of 2007, del.icio.us has proven to be a useful log of my interests – in case I’d forgotten!

Del.icio.us is an app I haven’t begun to exploit fully, but it’s on the list for next year. I’m in awe of some of the neat ways of networking and sharing with other users that I’ve seen out there. It’s a boon for searching quickly over related materials in the blog; another boon for the time-poor academic or researcher.

For anyone who is interested in some of the del.icio.us footprints in my year’s journey, you can find them all (a mere 70!) at Dramagirl’s Bookmarks.





2 responses to “A del.icio.us year”

  1. Sue Waters Avatar

    Yes I totally agree I wish they made del.icio.us easier to spell. If you are using Firefox then adding the Del.icio.us add on is a must – it makes the whole del.icio.us experience so much better. Here is my comprehensive guide to getting more out of del.icio.us . Just some light reading for the holidays :).

  2. katefoy Avatar

    Yes, I would have to say that Firefox is another great thing to have come my way this year. I use the del.icio.us add-on and it makes life sooo much easier. BTW check out Foxmarks Personas. I think they were released pretty recently. The plug-in provides a dead-easy (one-click) way of skinning your website. I have a completely paradoxical snowman and snowflakes on my header right now. Makes me feel cooler at least! Ho ho ho.

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