When all is said and done …

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I suppose every profession has its jargon, its arcane rituals which can look and sound absurd to outsiders, and which even initiates can find complex if not downright puzzling. When it comes to acting, many have struggled to give expression to the nature of the artform; what it is, how it happens … how to make it happen even. Mention the word ‘process’ or ‘method’ in the company of an actor or two, and stand back.

By way of an antidote to the many millions of words that have tried to tell it like it is (or should be), here is someone who knows a thing or two about the whole business. Reductio ad absurdum? Maybe. It’s certainly one in the eye for the complicators and the gurus. It’s Ian McKellen and Ricky Gervais from Extras, of course.

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  1. Nick Backstrom Avatar
    Nick Backstrom

    One of my favourite comments on acting of all time, I loved it when I saw it, I bore people by quoting it – superb.

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