Web 2.0 enters the live performance arena

Web 2.0 has arrived in the performance space. A current class of acting majors is working on a one-person show with me right now. They have devised, written, and are developing the first phase for public showing in a couple of weeks. The work is being collaborated on with me (Google Docs) and we meet for live updates via performance every couple of days. Great to see how people who thought they couldn’t write, actually can. Fascinating also to see how we tend to write for the ‘eye’ and not the ‘ear.’ We’re into the phase of drafting where the focus is on stripping back the dialogue so the good actor can show, and doesn’t need to tell. Writing dialogue not narration …

But one really interesting show–the actor could choose any theme as a focus–is all about people and their engagement with social networks, on-line gaming, and obsession. It’s sad, funny, scary, and amazingly dynamic. My Space and Twitter appear on live A-V feeds in the show, along with by live action. More on this as the show develops; for now, serendipity all round.


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