Tumblogs: blogs for lazy or creative bloggers?

Another intriguing, and free app which is creating some noise out there, is the Tumblog. You can read all about them at Tumblr’s own site. Some of the comment in the official Tumblr blog actually questions whether or not this is pandering to the verbally-deficient, but I rather think it is akin to dynamic scrapbooking, that other pervasive popular way of catching random stuff that floats through the day, the week, our lives, and pasting it somewhere.
Tumblr gives you a way to paste text, images and video. I’ve signed up to try it out, mostly to see how it can apply not merely to my own magpie tendency to catch and collate the intriguing, the relevant, and not so relevant, but also to ways in which it might be applied to my own teaching projects.
Here in my very new own Tumblog are the first three postings, based on the other private group blog which is currently being maintained by a group of students and myself, and which relates to our performance project Mad Forest by Caryl Churchill. It will play May 10-12 in the University of Southern Queensland Arts Theatre, Toowoomba, Australia. The samples in the Tumblog show how images, text, and video are all able to be posted quickly and rather nicely. The templates are well designed. There are some limitations which you can read about on Gina Trapani’s blog. I think I am going to enjoy playing with this one.


PS And of course, I have. Three years on, my Tumblr is a respository for quotes mostly, and images that catch my eye and are worth preserving. Tumblr has grown and grown to be, along with Posterous, another kind of blog, another style for online publishing.


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