The Wired-Up Suit

I wrote some time back on the coming of clothing that might enable easier access to various technologies. I was thinking in the post of the possibilities with costume for actors, where, for example a sound or lighting cue could be managed by the performer.

Last month in London I spotted this offering in Marks and Spencer for the man about town who craves a slim-line to his tailoring, and to be first kid on the block with some cool tech. Here it is, then … a suit for your iPod. With a simple press on the fabric, you can access the controls.






2 responses to “The Wired-Up Suit”

  1. Sue Waters Avatar
    Sue Waters

    Thanks Kate for showing me the cool wired up Suit. There are so many ipod accessories around this has to rank as the more unusual one.

    So do you think you will use similar concept for equipment for actors?


  2. Kate Foy Avatar
    Kate Foy

    Not sure, as this could be pretty expensive technology right now. It would also require a wireless signal to speakers so the audience could hear. I’m still intrigued by the creative possibilities of a remote gizmo built in to costume or accessories. That would work! But it would need the kind of simplification that the iPod suit seems to have built in so the performer doesn’t have to fumble with a small gadget. By the way, typical there was nothing similar for us girls!

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