The In-Between Time

Christmas is over for another year. Can’t say I enjoyed the rampant materialism of the “ka-ching” factor: all-night trading, nightly bulletins trumpeting how much had been taken at the cash-registers etc. The quiet time I spent at home with my son seemed oddly, and wonderfully out of step with what was, and is happening elsewhere. The pre-Christmas sales have been overtaken for sheer crassness by the Boxing Day sales. What about the reason for the season!

These 6 or 7 days do seem an odd in-between time, though it is a good time to stocktake and throw out lots of stuff. I do enjoy the annual purge of the scruffy and the unwanted stuff which lurks everywhere around the place. The next big bit of celebration comes on New Year’s eve with fireworks, more opportunities to make an idiot of self in public if so desired, long taxi queues home, and resolutions never to do it again! I will probably muse on the past year, write and go to bed, which is what I have done resolutely for the past 10 years or so. God, I am getting old!

Speaking of writing, I have been procrastinating alarmingly over the paper due for presentation on January 12 at the Hawaiian International Conference of Arts and Humanities in Honolulu. This, despite all of my good intentions, and “next action” list, which has been sitting sulking in the GTD file for some time now. I do have an outline, a pretty good outline (it’s a pretty good paper after all), so all is not yet lost. There’s just the problem of getting started. Like taking up an exercise program, the hardest thing is to lace up your joggers. To trick myself into action, I dropped by by Officeworks today and bought a packet of those wonderful Uni-ball micropoint rollerball pens to get in the mood. Meantime, I have been keeping up with practising for Project 365 (a photo a day for a year) which starts January 1, and enjoying the fourth cricket Ashes test. Fabulous play by the Australian team. Oh, how sweet it is. I well recall the doldrums in the UK in August last year during the 2005 series. Watching Shane Warne work his magic at the MCG is my excuse for not hitting the academic trail. Since Australia has now a 4-0 lead and the match is over, it’s tomorrow I swear!

Modest footnote: Of course I was once again procrastinating, but my mood today was not enhanced by the fact that I could not get the killer swim-togs I have been chasing (well thinking about buying) for some time–vital gear for the Mexican riviera and Waikiki beach. This means a long drive to Brisbane tomorrow where I will become one of the hordes of materialistic swine chasing bargains.







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