The e-traveller hits the road again: lighter than ever

Image by Getty Images via Daylife

And so it’s off to Sydney for the weekend for some theatre and catchups with friends.  Cate Blanchett is playing Blanche in Sydney Theatre Company‘s production of Tennessee WilliamsA Streetcar Named Desire. I hear she’s not too bad at all!

To stay in touch I’m equipped with a mere iPhone 3G and iPod Nano this time round.  If I had a 3GS I wouldn’t need the Nano, which is going principally to capture video shots.  They both fit easily into my handbag with all the other stuff a girl has to have on the go.  I’m quite looking forward to having to rethink how I post to my various outlier services, and to my blog.  Maybe Posterous will get the lion’s share of the work.  We’ll see, and I’ll be reporting as always.

The image above?  Well of course the trusty notebook goes too … ‘analog’ never fails when other shiny toys do!

Now … no more duststorms please to spoil the view.

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