The Clayton’s Rehearsal

The title of this post may mean something to readers (or drinkers) of a certain age. Once upon a time, there was a non-alcoholic mixer beverage called Clayton’s. To avoid having to go down a diversionary rathole to explain, you can read all about it here on Wikipedia if you like. Suffice it to say that the term Clayton’s has gone into the Australian and NZ lexicon as a descriptor meaning a fake or substitute. So, a Clayton’s rehearsal?

It’s the rehearsal you have when you are not having a rehearsal, and it happens all the time between rehearsals. Clayton’s rehearsals pretty much dominate your life and distract you from your day job even more than Facebook can. There is the endless lines-going-over activity in your head, often at the most inconvenient times like 3am. There is the music to get into the system, the singing lessons, accent drilling … Oh I could go on, and I do! Clayton’s rehearsals are damned annoying at times, but it’s obviously all part of the mysterious process as the unconscious gets to work on the creative juices. Potent stuff! Did I hear you say “obsessive?” That too!

Of course it’s nice to have someone other than your dog to work with, and can I say my long-suffering Border Collie is currently very confused. Now that I have started speaking with an odd accent and keep singing at her, she’s not quite sure whether to sit, fetch something or join in. However, until the next time I’m in front of the director, choreographer or musical director, it’s the Clayton’s rehearsal for me.






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