Teaching and Learning

This has been the first week back at work; the academic year has opened for business and I’m in the thick of it. As a teacher, so much of what one does, breathes, thinks about in business and the wee hours has to do with one’s students. What this year, can I bring to the classroom. I’m old enough in the job to know that an inspirational teacher can do more for a class than endless handouts, content-driven sessions, and over assessment. That’s the rub of course; being “inspirational” is hard; the rest is easy. And it’s in times like this week, as I take stock, that I realise the times have been those little gems of moments when I find the right words–the right words come unbidden, to make an insightful connection for the class. Had a few of them this week. Was once again reminded of the zen wisdom of “No one ever taught anyone anything.” It’s about creating the atmosphere to learn. That’s always been my challenge as a teacher.




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