Social Media: Who Needs them?

They are not called social media for nothing. There are dozens, maybe even hundreds of these sites designed to bring people together for fun, profit, procrastination, support, catchups, and now I discover, to drive your blog traffic! Aha.

I felt overwhelmed when I saw Problogger’s list of possible sites to explore as Task 30: Explore a Social Media Site the penultimate task of the 31 Days to a Better Blog Challenge. I ticked off the ones I’m already familiar with, or use regularly, or not so regularly. I’ve been a bit slack with Delcious of late, and I’m not a great Twitter ‘follower’ I have to say. Too many randoms:

  • Facebook – mine
  • Delicious – mine
  • Flickr – mine
  • Twitter – mine
  • YouTube – not going to share. Stupidly silly stuff … I have my reputation you know!

Now I could have picked one randomly from the list to get the task done, but how could I resist this Pandora’s box of goodies!

One pot of coffee later, I’ve decided Linkedin does it for me. It has the potential to provide clusters of contacts, or communities of practice (in academic-speak) with a tonier look and feel than Facebook, which I still love by the way.

I’m going to take Linkedin for a spin. Newsvine appeals too.

Do I need another social bookmarking site? Nah … Delcious rules!





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  1. Michele Martin Avatar
    Michele Martin

    Hey Kate–I agree that Delicious rules. I also agree that Twitter doesn’t seem that great (it’s the one I chose to take for a spin for today’s task). I have been a member of LinkedIn, but I have to say that I haven’t gotten a lot out of that either. Am I somehow antisocial? I’m beginning to wonder. . .

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