Shelf browsing and great finds

Do you remember when you went to the real library and would do a shelf browse to see what looked fun/interesting? This morning on blog duty, I’ve been doing a cyber version of shelf-browsing aka ‘surfing’. This was initially for forums I might join in my quest (the 31 day challenge) to engage with potential blog readers.

Well I didn’t find a forum, but my browsing took me to a great presentation on Slide Share. This presentation Creative Web 2.0 Learning by Judy O’Connell is beautifully designed (it has Apple’s Keynote fingerprints all over it). Judy challenges librarians in particular to address the issue of how ready they and their libraries are for 21st century learning.

I’m going to trawl some more on Slide Share.





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  1. Judy O'Connell Avatar
    Judy O’Connell

    Hi Kate, nice to drop by your blog too, and thanks for the inclusion of my slideshare presentation. Yes, it was prepared with keynote! Particularly nice to make contact with another aussie too! Shall add you to my RSS reads to stay in touch. Cheers.

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