Random Scribblings in a Busy Week

I’m being mocked by the hubris of a blogpost last week … something about making a habit of blogging etc. Just to keep faith in myself and you, dear reader, here are some quick observations from my part of the world and symptomatic of the busy week in which I find myself right now. Yes I am wearing joggers this week!

Problogger Darren Rowse posted the results of a survey “How long have you been blogging?” The results are fascinating and beg the next research question, “So what?” What I found fascinating however were the comments. They were all “Gee whiz! What fascinating graphics!” Yep, design matters! Thanks Keynote. FYI around 58% of Darren’s readers have been blogging for less than a year, if you count those with no blogs (!)

I’m deeply immersed in an intensive production week this week for a student production of 16 (count ’em) one-person shows written and performed by a graduating class of actors at USQ. It’s a great project which has been in the making since semester 1 this year (that’s March for you northern hemispherers). What’s exciting in this production week is seeing the great team work going on amongst the actors and technical production students. The sound studios, creative suites and rehearsal rooms are running hot. This project has provided a reason to get the laggards and the tech-resistant engaged with digital technology. If you are interested in this, read Sue Waters’ thoughtful posts on student-resistance to technology in learning. I love “Reasons Why IT May be Crap.”

Trying to find time to complete my ‘killer-slideshow’ (she hopes) made on Keynote (iWork 08) for next week’s AUC Conference at the Gold Coast. My paper has been accepted and published in the conference proceedings, but it doesn’t seem right not to have a great slideshow. No pressure here!

And so, dear reader, I sally forth into another busy, creative day.


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