Quote of the day: on independent theatre, quality, and guts

Some of the best and the worst opinion can be found in commentary on blog posts.  The good is always signed by the person with guts enough to back the words, the worst never is.

Here’s a good one from Simon Ogden to a blog post titled Boring Theatre.  He’s talking about Vancouver, but it resonates elsewhere … or should.  As always, read the whole post and commentary … and dip in.

We have an inherent responsibility as practitioners to keep the question of quality in the air, and that starts by defining what exceptional work is. Or isn’t.

We’re beset by cheerleaderism here – and from what I understand this isn’t a problem unique to Vancouver – where independent theatre is always given a pat on the head and a blue ribbon just for showing up. “Good for you” can’t be what this industry is about if we want to be a viable, progressive theatre city.



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