Out of the Archives: Web 2.0

Here are some posts from the past 6 months or so on my adventures with Web 2.0. They have a discovery and experimental flavour and are focussed on my use of various apps and services in teaching and learning projects.

Digital Doodling and Podding, Oh My!
An extended post on my own approach to creating podcasts, websites, and how I was using blogs. And a bit about rubrics, but only a bit.
Tumblogs: blogs for the lazy or creative blogger?
Tumblr is proving to be a great app for ‘snapshooting’ ideas, images, and links. Think of online scrapbooking.
Doing the Meta Mash
The excitement, the possibilities … let’s mash. How I put together a research paper in a ridiculously easy fashion … or the power of blogging for a busy academic!
Web 2.0 enters the live performance arena
Scriptwriting collaboration, and a cyber-live cross over for a young student- artist.
So Much in Three Days
In which I learn to respect if not entirely love wikis.
Blogging for Fun and Profit
A chance find in a bookshop leads to an ‘aha’ moment.
Shelf Browsing and Great Finds
Judy O’Connell’s great Slideshare presentation … say no more.
Mentoring a New Blogger
In which some of the 31 Days to a Better Blog challenge gets me thinking about how to start a blog.




2 responses to “Out of the Archives: Web 2.0”

  1. alex Avatar

    Hi Kate,
    I really like the way you have tackled the day 18 challenge here by using the Web2.0 theme.
    Well done, it’s very good and made me click on a few of the posts!


  2. Michele Martin Avatar
    Michele Martin

    Kate, I like this little trip down memory lane and how you made a post out of it. Good stuff!

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