…not in single spies …

A busy month which has been very kind to me and my projects. The SiQP 2007 Festival has been a resounding success, so much so that the committee decided to put the 2008 Festival on sale immediately to build on the success of this one. Not sure that people will buy this far out; more inclined to think that sponsorship deals are ripe for the picking. A good experiment though … . I then created a project management folder and labelled it SiQP2008! Ye gods.

And an odd if pleasant (and most unusual) thing: I have been written about in a couple of magazines:in AUC:Wheels for the Mind, for my work with digital media in teaching and learning, and in Management Today as one of Australia’s most influential women! Gosh! Of course I knew about the articles; I was interviewed by both writers, but neverthless, it comes as something of a surprise to see it all in print, and I choose to believe that it justifies and validates the work. Nice!

So, in putting March to bed I’d have to say that the first couple of months of this year have personally and professionally very OK. Looking forward to a few days of play over the Easter break to work on Photoshop and some photographic assignments.

Oh and a little postscript … found an insanely simple and very attractive way to use a piece of paper as a little notebook. It’s Origami meets GTD!






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