My iPod Nano and me: testing the onboard video camera

I’ve had some fun today playing with Apple’s new 5th generation Nano iPod. Specifically, I’ve been testing the inbuilt video camera for usability and results. I’ve sent up an Audioboo which discusses my reactions so far to the Nano, and although I call it a ‘Nano video-camera’ on this boo, it’s no such thing at all! It’s an iPod first and foremost, but it just so happens to have a built-in video camera, plus a lot of other goodies, including an FM radio, and for heaven’s sake … a pedometer! Perhaps in the interests of my personal fitness I should take this feature for an extended test walk.


Despite one or two obvious drawbacks – lens, size, lack of zoom – and which I discuss further in the Audioboo and on the three test movies below, this tiny-wee camera is going to be all that most people will need to grab moving images simply and spontaneously, and to share them around just as easily.

Outdoors Morning – into sun (Nano Test) from Kate Foy on Vimeo.

Indoor – Colour (Nano Test) from Kate Foy on Vimeo.

Garden Walk (Nano Test: Outdoors Sunlight) from Kate Foy on Vimeo.





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  1. Marz Avatar

    Thumbs up for this post. I was just looking into getting one myself but I’m quite sketchy about the video cam, I just wanted the ipod nano alone.

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