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  • Looking back

    I read a good piece this morning from Cory Doctorow who has been blogging every day for what seems like the beginning of blog-time well, 20 years anyway. Here’s Cory’s post about what he does – full of amazing information about how he does it, and why. One thing that caught my eye was his […]

  • Adventures in Tana: Setting up a reviewing system Part 2

    In Part 1 of this blog-post series I emphasised the importance of the foundational planning phase. If you haven’t already read it, take a look before you get stuck into this part of the post. As a freelancer my work is project-based so having a system that is as powerful as Tana to interlink and […]

  • Adventures in Tana: Planning and Reviewing: Part 1

    It’s that time of the year; calendars and diaries are on their last pages and new ones are being offered in some shops for those who like to track the passing of time with paper prompts on the wall. There’s a sense of Auld Lang Syne, of things ending, of the old year dying and […]

  • Following your passion? Don’t.

    Some time ago I wrote a post here that discussed developing a career as a young artist. I drew on a lot of sources, books, conversations, and thinking time in putting it together. I ran it by some young artists for a beta-test before publishing, and it’s since become quite a popular piece. One of […]

  • Mastodon-bound

    After 15 years on Twitter, it all got a bit much what with Elon Musk mucking stuff up. I followed the herd over to Mastodon Join me there?

  • Toowoomba’s Pubs and Publicans – then and now

    The delightfully human snippets of people and events that are sprinkled throughout Maurice French and Judy Brewer’s “Bar and Boniface: a compendium of Toowoomba’s Pubs and Publicans 1844-2020” make for delightful reading on their own. I suspect anyone who starts reading will find a personal connection that they didn’t expect. I did.

Got any book recommendations?