In transition … will we ever get ‘there’?

We’re in transition here in terms of study materials provision. With the push for student e-portfolios coming hard, it’s imperative that well-designed and presented study materials be prepared for offering on line or via digital media. Until then and until students are engaged positively in using online systems, feel comfortable and confident with their use, I doubt they will be enthused about switching from the tried and true. Spinning a Learning Web, Jun 2008

I wrote these words last night in a blog post ‘report card’ on some findings about student engagement with e-learning this past semester. This morning I read Jeff Nugent’s post on collegial collaboration in the introduction, development and use of Web 2.0 tools for teaching. I found the post by following a Twitter link from Jeff.

Seems in these Twitter-fed, Facebook-rich times that many of us are musing about and investigating the meaning of key terms like collaboration. Jeff hits the nail on the head when he ponders the changing nature of this activity in the e-learning workspace. It’s a good read. Check it out.

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