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Here we go again!

It’s been a while. I haven’t been on stage for several years now, and my plan is to start a gentle return. To which end, and excited at the prospect, I’ve lined up for an audition for a new production of the brilliant Kander and Ebb musical play Cabaret. I saw a striking production in London in July this year and was gobsmacked by its power. I went out of curiosity into the theatre that afternoon with nary of a thought of my potential involvement in the Empire Theatre’s production in April 2008. I came out feeling charged up and ready to have a go at the role of Fraulein Schneider, the elderly boarding house owner where Sally and Cliff and Herr Schulz, Schneider’s Jewish fiancee all live in 1930s Berlin.

So, several singing lessons later (didn’t that feel odd being on the receiving end for once), and prepped as well as I can be, I’m fronting in the line this morning for an audition with director, Lewis Jones. I’ve always felt a teacher should find out from time to time what it feels like to be on the receiving end. Whether or not I get the gig, the audition is going to be very interesting (and exciting). The exciting part feels nice and as I remember it.

Didn’t someone once say that the audition is the least fair part of acting? Stay tuned.

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